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As a child I had the pleasure of living on a farm. My mother was ahead of her time with “food is medicine” approach. We grew our own vegetables and fruit and she composted and recycled; all this was the norm for our family. Later on we moved back to the city when I started high school; during those years our lives seemed to be made up of sport and outdoors activities. My awareness of our environment was there however the details of what was responsible behaviour was loss on my youthfulness. As a mother of two boys I take this responsibility very seriously and my goal is to teach them that we need to take care of ourselves and the earth. Taking care for our children and our children’s children is why we began Eco R Us. Please join us on the journey to make a difference for this generation and beyond…. Its important to consider what products we put into our drains and what products we use in our homes, offices and gardens. Together we can reduce landfill and recycle as much as possible. This is our goal as individuals and as a responsible business. We are passionate about product quality at an affordable price. It is equally important to provide you with the best customer service we can in a short time frame. Our company employs a diverse team committed to meeting your needs with a range of environmentally sustainable products. In helping so many people, our goal is to innovate through solid product support and service ensuring that we gain many more satisfied customers. Remember Biodegradable Recycled products is what we need to use now and will be the only way forward for our future. These goals and objectives are for all our children and future generations...



Tal Jagoda

General Manager


Rachel Jagoda

Customer Service


Paul Jagoda



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