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Bring the Greens Indoor With Vertical Garden Kits in Australia

Breathe fresh life into an uninteresting space by getting indoor vertical wall planters. With most people living or working in a high-rise building, they often miss out on the greenery in their surroundings. But, a practical, easy to use, and comprehensive vertical garden kit gives you the power to create a botanical oasis, even when space is limited. 

If you have been searching for a sturdy, affordable and innovative range of vertical garden kits in Australia, visit our online store. Eco R Us is an online venture started with an aim to offer eco-sustainable alternatives at a price that’s not too heavy on your pocket. 

Discover a Wide Range of Eco-Friendly Vertical Garden Planters Under One Roof

Eco R Us began its journey with an aim to help the environment and reduce its carbon footprint. Our online store features an exciting range of products, right from composting systems to a range of various environmentally friendly products.

Our carefully curated range of indoor vertical garden planters has an innovative and water-efficient design. Our vertical garden kits provide you with an ergonomic alternative to grow everything from edible herbs to strawberries even when you don’t have sufficient space in your backyard. In addition, our planters are designed keeping in mind water usage and plant choice to create impressive and beautiful vertical gardens. 

Optimise Your Space With Vertical Garden Kit in Australia

If you are an avid gardener and want to create a stunning vertical garden in your home or office, browse our online store. Our planters are ideal for small porches, patios, balconies and also indoors. 

Our indoor wall vertical planters are designed for optimum moisture retention for plants, thus promoting more growth. Known for being low maintenance, our planters are structurally strong and ensure maximum water efficiency.

We understand that every wall is structurally different, so we have an extensive collection of planters that easily fix on brick, concrete and wood walls. Featuring a pot-locking mechanism, these planters offer a creative planting design. 

Would you like to check out our range of products? Browse through our online store now.  


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