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Pet Accessories

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Discover a Collection of Eco-Sustainable Pet Accessories Online

When it comes to your pets, you want nothing but the best to ensure they remain healthy and safe. We often ensure that our pets get nutritious and natural food, get a luxurious bath every week and are taken for regular check-ups with the veterinarian. 

When you ensure the best things for your pet, it’s essential to take steps towards being eco-conscious. If you are not yet on the zero waste track but are looking for ways to make your pets eco-sustainable, Eco R Us has the perfect online pet accessories.

Affordable, Eco-friendly Pet Accessories Online

A team of eco-conscious people started Eco R Us to help the environment by reducing carbon footprint and landfill contamination. Our goal is to provide unique pet accessories online at economical prices without compromising on quality. Our range of products is made from organic or recyclable materials and natural dyes. Thus, they don’t pose any harm to the environment.

Whether it’s a dog waste bag or a toy for your pet, our collection of products are recyclable and end up in landfills.

Discover a Range of Innovative and Biodegradable Pet Accessories 

Spills and accidents are common when you have a dog or cat around. This makes it essential to have waste bags. However, most bags you get in the supermarket are not recyclable and eventually cause a detrimental impact on the environment. One of the best ways to ease the situation is to look for waste bags that break down easily and decomposes naturally. Our online store has a huge variety of products designed to make less impact on the planet. 

Explore our online store to shop from an extensive range of eco-sustainable products.  

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