Indoor/Outdoor Furniture

Indoor/Outdoor Furniture

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Keter Cool Bar
$129.00 $149.00
Julie Dining Table
$170.00 $200.00
Keter Breeze Bar
$250.00 $299.00
Emma Balcony Set
$479.00 $499.00
Rosalie Balcony Set
$479.00 $499.00

Go Green With Eco-Sustainable Range of Indoor and Outdoor Furniture 

Years ago, furniture was built to last and was passed from one generation to another as a family heirloom. However, in this age of use and throw, most furniture is mass-produced and often replaced in a couple of years. Though this trend is quite popular these days, the manufacturing process is one of the factors for incredible damage to the environment. 

Take a tiny step towards environment conservation with our impressive range of eco-sustainable indoor and outdoor furniture

Eco R Us - Your One-Stop Shop to Buy Everything Eco-Friendly

We believe that planet conservation and preservation of natural resources is everyone’s responsibility. With this thought, we started Eco R Us to bring you a carefully curated range of ecological-sound and wallet-friendly products. 

Planet-Friendly and Beautiful Collection of Indoor Furniture

Turn your home into a little oasis of tranquillity and beauty with our range of sleek indoor furniture. Made from recyclable materials, our furniture is produced in a resource-efficient manner. Our high-quality and durable furniture require fewer raw material, which means less pollution during the manufacturing process. 

If you think eco-friendly furniture is boring, it’s time to check out our collection. Classy and contemporary, our furniture exudes an impressively rustic appeal and add to the aesthetics of your room. 

Add Style and Comfort to Any Outdoor Space With Our Range of Furniture

Create a porch of your dream with our elegant range of outdoor furniture. Designed to withstand the inclement Australian weather, our collection personifies style and durability. In addition, made from recycled materials, our range of green furniture is not only easy on your pocket but safe for the environment too. 

Become an Eco-Warrior - Buy Environmentally Friendly Indoor and Outdoor Furniture 

With an aim to minimise the impact of environmental damage and carbon footprint, our eco-furniture is suitable for domestic and commercial purposes. Moreover, our products are made with minimal toxic chemicals and release less volatile organic compounds in the surrounding environment. This not only helps the planet but also keeps you healthy. 

Shop now and make your home/office sustainable and planet-friendly. 

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