FW1 Waterless Car Wash Wax & Polish

FW1 Waterless Car Wash Wax & Polish

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Australia’s Best Wash, Wax and Polish Waterless 

How FW1 Saves Water  About FW1 Australia

Every FW1 application to a car saves up to 32L of water

Each Can does 4 applications saving over 128L of Water per can

Keep it cleaner for longer with FW1 Cleaning Wax – it’s the perfect all-in-one cleaning product that can be used on your car, motorbike, truck, caravan, motorhome, boat, bicycle, windows, mirrors, and even your kitchen sink!

  • FW1’s Cleaning Wax has a unique formula so you don’t need any water to clean your prized possessions – just shake the can to activate, then spray, wipe and polish the dirt and grime away.
  • FW1 is a multipurpose cleaner – it washes, waxes and polishes in a single application, just use one Cotton Terry Towel to clean and one Microfibre to shine.
  • Dirty to sparkling clean in just 30 minutes without water – saving you time and H2O.
  • The carnauba wax gives your prized possessions that showroom shine and keeping the surface cleaner for longer.
  • FW1 products have no alcohol or ammonia and is tint safe– so you will be left with streak-free mirrors, windows and glass in just minutes.
  • FW1’s anti-fog agent means no more steamed up bathroom mirrors or foggy windscreens.

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