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Biodegradable Bags

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30 Litre- (25 bags)
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A Step Towards Eco-Sustainability - Buy Compostable Bags in Australia

Do you know 84% of plastic used by Australians is sent to the landfill and only 13% gets recycled? 

When plastic was invented, it was considered a revolutionary product that is not only durable but lightweight too. However, like everything else, plastic also has its downside. This non-biodegradable material poses a severe threat to the ecosystem.

In an attempt to help the planet fight the plastic problem and drastically reduce its consumption, Eco R Us brings you a large range of compostable bags and bio bags in Australia.  

Buy Eco-Friendly and Biodegradable Bio Bags in Australia 

Eco R Us comprises a team of environmental enthusiasts and has always worked to find ways to bring down plastic waste.  With this thought in mind, we bring you a huge collection of bio bags and compostable bags for domestic and commercial purposes. 

Our range of compostable bags in Australia are eco-friendly and offer a great alternative to non-recyclable plastic bags. These bags are made from organic material and so they break down naturally rather than lying around for centuries. 

Designed and manufactured with Australian standards, these bags degrade biologically without leaving any toxic residues. 

Buy Bio Bags At Great Prices From Eco R Us 

Whether you are looking for rubbish bags or dog waste bags, our extensive range of compostable bags in Australia has got you covered. Moreover, our compostable bags break down anaerobically and eventually add value to the soil rather than polluting it.  Moreover, our specially curated range of products offers supreme quality at a price that’s easy on your wallet. Our team consists of people with wide and diverse experience to offer you the best customer service and complete value for your money. 

If you want to buy bio bags online, browse through our store for the best options.

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