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As a child I had the pleasure of living on a farm. My mother was ahead of her time with “food is medicine” approach. We grew our own vegetables and fruit and she composted and recycled, all this was the norm for our family. Later on we moved back to the city when I started high school, during those years our lives seemed to be made up of sport and outdoors activities.
My awareness of our environment was there however the details of what was responsible behaviour was loss on my youthfulness. As a mother of two boys I take this responsibility very seriously and my goal is to teach them that we need to take care of ourselves and the earth.
Taking care for our children and our children’s children is why we began Eco R Us.
Please join us on the journey to make a difference for this generation and beyond….

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Buy Compost Worms Online to Improve the Levels of Soil Nutrients

Soil with the right quantity of nutrients is crucial to get desired harvests. Whether you own a commercial garden, fruit orchard or even a small kitchen garden, healthy soil is all that you need to get the best harvest.

The team at Eco R Us has always been passionate about the environment and finds ways to reduce landfill pollution. We are supplied by one of the largest breeders of composting worms in Australia and have been offering composting worms online to Farmers, Gardeners, Schools, Councils and homeowners.

Eco R Us - Destination for Sustainable and Eco Friendly Products

Our online store has a wide range of environmentally friendly sustainable products that are biodegradable and compostable- they organically break down plant matter and add value to the soil without polluting. Our products also include greenhouses, vertical gardens, biodegradable bags, garden accessories and more.

Browse through our online store and check out our wide range of products.

Eco R Us


Bentleigh East Vic 3165

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Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pm

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